Roshan Social Programs

    Roshan’s mission for its Social Programs is to be a key driver in the reconstruction of Afghanistan by investing in the community in which it operates, trying to reduce distress, providing opportunities for a better future and providing education in order to build human potential and capacity in the region.

    Soup Kitchens:

    Malnutrition is an endemic problem in Afghanistan; particularly, for children in returnee camps and for street working children. With the ever raising cost of food and lack of income many children are in danger of not have a minimum daily intake of nutrition. Since 2006, Roshan has supported Aschiana education activities in the camps as well as out-reach centres by providing a hot nutritional meal (a healthy meat and vegetable broth soup and bread) per day to children in Kabul, Parwan and Mazar-e-Sharif.

    School Construction:

    Hakim Nasir Khurso School located in Kabul was the first school constructed by Roshan Social Programs. When Roshan first visited the school, there were seven dilapidated blocks and one purpose-built block, which was unfortunately insufficient for the number of children that attend the school. Many of the seven thousand (7,000) primary and high school students that study in three (3) shifts a day were taught in tents. Roshan Social Programs funded the construction of a large, three-story, 24 classroom school building with a flagship Playground.

    Girls School:

    RSP is currently funding the construction of an all girls school in Doshi District, Baghlan Province in partnership with the Aga Khan Foundation-Afghanistan. The Kalan Gozar Girls School is to be completed and ready for hand over to the Ministry of Education in 2009.

    Dental Education Workshops:

    Dental education workshops are provided to children and mothers to educate them about the basics of good oral hygiene including daily brushing, flossing and gum care. Over 2,000 children in Kabul have participated in these workshops to date.


    The situation in Afghanistan has meant that children often miss out on one of the most important childhood experiences – play. Studies show that play helps kids develop cognitive skills, build confidence and learn social skills. Outdoor playgrounds facilitate creativity, exploration, imagination, physical activity, friendship and adventure. Play is a crucial factor in the overall well-being of children. However, because of lack of infrastructure, access to quality education and basic health care, the importance and positive impact of play has been neglected. In a conflict stricken environment, playgrounds facilitate play, which offers friendship and an opportunity to overcome past community differences. Roshan recognizes the value unstructured play has on the development of children and is sponsoring the construction of playgrounds throughout Afghanistan.