Roshan Community Project

    Roshan’s mission for its Social Programs is to be a key driver in the reconstruction of Afghanistan by investing in the community in which it operates, providing education and opportunities for a better future in order to build human potential and capacity in the region.

    School Construction:

    During 2010, in partnership with Save the Children, Roshan Community completed construction of an 8-classroom school to hold over 1,000 students and is co-funding school construction efforts by contributing water wells, perimeter walls and latrines at projects which will provide drinking water and sanitation facilities.

    Educational Sponsorships:

    There are currently 189 children sponsored through this program. These sponsorships enable children, often the principle wage earners for their families, to attend some form of formal education that can help them reach for a better future.

    Helping Children Play And Grow:

    Outdoor playgrounds facilitate creativity, exploration, imagination, physical activity, friendship and adventure. Due to the lack of infrastructure, access to quality education and basic healthcare, the importance and positive impact of play has been pushed aside. Roshan recognizes the value of play on the growth and development of children and has sponsored construction of playgrounds throughout Afghanistan.

    Sports and Development Center & Kabul Women’s Shahrara Garden Sports Facility:

    With the Aga Khan National Council for Afghanistan, Roshan Community is building a centres in Kabul offering girls and boys access to sports and youth development facilities. The former will provide separate areas for girls and boys to enjoy indoor sporting activities, intellectually stimulating board games and access to technology, while the latter will offer girls the opportunity to participate in organized sports in a safe and protected environment, something that is currently lacking in Afghanistan.

    Water Wells:

    19 water wells were drilled in 2009 and a further 28 water wells are being constructed for villagers and communities that are in need of a clean drinking water supply.

    One Laptop Per Child (OLPC):

    By the end of 2009, the OLPC project had successfully delivered laptops to 6 schools across Afghanistan. In 2010, the project expanded to an additional 6 schools.


    These bikes are designed to incorporate a Public Call Office (PCO), and a safe for Roshan’s Mobile Money Product. The bike comes with either a bed or a carriage so that it can act as an ambulance for rural populations. It additionally has a cooler to carry either vaccines or cold products for sale and has the ability to power a small computer allowing rural communities access to the internet.

    Roshan Clinic:

    The Roshan Clinic continues to grow and provide services to the Roshan Community and its partners. They have undergone a total refurbishment to upgrade all the facilities and we have added a second dental chair. The clinic provides basic outpatient medical, dental and laboratory services, health education, first aid training and vaccinations.