Medical Institute for Children (Kabul)

    In a country like Afghanistan where war has cast its shadow for the past three decades, where bullets kill mercilessly, where blasts rock habitats and where mines maim innocents, children - who are often unwitting victims of violence - need special care and recuperation.

    The Institute was opened in November 2005 as a collaboration between the Governments of Afghanistan and France and the Aga Khan Foundation. By January, 2008, 130,000 child patients had received medical care and 3000 surgeries, including 350 cardiac, had been performed with 300 local staff trained. The Institute provides general paediatric and orthopaedic surgery for congenital malformations, as well as reconstructive surgery with an emphasis on the hands and the face.

    It provides 100 beds, including 15 for intensive care. This is like an oasis of healing for the young and impressionable in a war-ravaged nation. CHF hopes that the assistance it provides will help nurture and care for the most vulnerable citizens of that country, its children who will also shape its future.