We have many events throughout the year to raise funds for children’s charities worldwide. We have been fortunate enough to be supported in our endeavour by the generosity of the people of Dubai, who have always readily come forward to pledge their help for our events.

    Following are the events that we have been holding annually for the past many years.

    1. Children’s Fair: The first Children’s Fair was held in 2004 and then every successive year till 2013. The purpose was two-fold, to fundraise for children’s charities worldwide and to create a forum whereby children in the community could interact with those with special needs, something that they were rarely able to do in Dubai. Companies in Dubai responded wonderfully, sponsoring the food, drinks and gifts for the children to take home and it was amazing to see how our children helped those who were “different” to play the games and enjoy the day.

    2. Ladies High Tea

    3. Ladies Lunch

    4. Gala Dinner