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    “There are those who say that what we are doing is a drop in the ocean, but the ocean would be less without that missing drop”. Mother Teresa

    We echoe the sentiments of Mother Teresa through its charitable work. Wherever there is a need we are prepared to listen and most importantly, use our energies and resources to respond.

    By not identifying ourselves solely with one particular illness, project or disability, we have been uniquely able to respond to cries for assistance from many different areas and for many different purposes, whether it is the long term education and training of a special needs child, or a request for emergency aid following natural disasters.

    We have our eye on the world, supporting both local and international projects. Our mandate is to provide medical, educational and leisure facilities for children suffering from illness, disability or poverty, where ever and whenever they occur.

    The public response to our work continues to be tremendous and, to date, we have provided assistance to no less than 60 beneficiaries in the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Asia, Africa and Europe. Donations to these various recipients come in the form of funding, equipment, facilities and/or manpower.

    A salient factor of all the projects supported by us is that they are run at the local level, thus ensuring that as much of the money donated as possible goes directly towards the needs of the children.