People living with disabilities face severe stigma and discrimination in Pakistan. Within this population – estimated to reach 10% of Pakistan’s overall population – children are particularly at risk.

    Hashoo Foundation merged Umeed-e-Noor under its structure in July 2007 and has since then developed more inclusive programs.

    Located in Islamabad, this multi-purposed project provides special needs children with emergency relief, training and skills. At present the school has 270 day students and 22 orphaned children that live in them – many of them bed-ridden.

    To compliment the vocational training the students receive in trades such as sewing and repairing electronics, they receive speech, physiotherapy and medical care.

    Realising that the huge percentage of children still are in dire need, Umeed-e-Noor started constructing a Centre of Excellence for Special Children that will increase the existing capacity.

    The 3-storey facility is not yet completed, but once fully on-stream, Umeed-e-Noor will provide training and care for double the number of day students plus 50 live-in children.