Tumaini Children’s Home


    Tumaini is an orphanage that provides care for young AIDs victims. All the children have lost their parents to HIV and some of the children are also HIV positive. This well run facility not only provides basic needs to the 40 children that live at the facility but it also has a very equipped small clinic with a doctor on site that provides basic medical care for the children and the very poor surrounding community. New lab equipment is now in place so that patients can discretely come to the clinic for AIDS testing and medications. AIDS is rampant in the area but people will not go to government hospitals for testing because of the stigma and high costs.

    The kitchen at Home of Hope also provides lunch to a 120 kids at the primary school next door which is a real boost to this very poor area. The 80 year old founder of Home for Hope will use the Kind Gestures donation this year to provide some recreational activities for the children including a field trip.