Safe Childhood Centre

    The Safe Childhood Center was inaugurated in 2003 following studies which indicated a high ratio of children in Yemen that had no home to return to at night after working all day on the streets.

    The Safe Childhood Center is the only shelter for homeless children in Sana’a and has an open-door policy: Homeless children can come and have healthy meals and a place to sleep with the freedom to come and go as they please.

    Along with offering a safe place for homeless children on a daily basis, the center focuses on trying to get the children back home if possible. Its social workers research both the children and their families in specific cases to learn if they can live with their families again. If it is not possible, the center can house them permanently.

    The Centre aims to rehabilitate street children socially, psychologically and educationally to become good citizens. The Centre has succeeded in making many positive changes in the behaviour of children, touching on different aspects of their lives, such as dressing, food habits, health and ways of communicating with others.

    It also provides schooling - since most are lacking in basic education and are illiterate - vocational training and healthcare.

    Kind Gestures supports such a centre as it provides children with a “safe” environment as well as one that offers a way forward from poverty and illiteracy. By offering education and vocational training, the children are offered a viable alternative to the circumstances in which they would otherwise be trapped.