Located about 45 minutes out of town is the small village of Runda. Although not much to look at, it is an area which exemplifies what can be achieved by those willing to help others.

    It started with one family, making the trip out on a weekly basis and giving what they could, inspiring others in the community. Together a group of like-minded volunteers decided to make regular visits to the area, giving whatever food items they could. As word spread more and more needy people arrived, and now every Sunday between 1,000 and 3,000 people of all ages arrive, some of them having walked since 4am that morning to get there. They come hoping to get food and - if they are lucky – a little “something special” to go away with. Items provided include basics like milk, bread and biscuits and the occasional “surprise” like shoes, chocolates, blankets or sweatshirts.

    A shaded area has been set up and a few rooms have been built for some of the older or disabled people with nowhere else to stay. Wheelchairs and a few basic amenities have been provided for them also.

    Over the years it has become a known fact that whoever needs food can come and be given something. There is an amazing amount of support within the poor that some of them help in ensuring there is an orderly queue where they will wait for their turn in receiving something.