Patacore School

    Patacore School serves 244 children in a remote area of Hua Hin Province with 85% of the children being from the Burmese Karen Tribe. This marginalized tribe fled Burma when the present regime came into power and the army began to burn villages and murder these traditional subsistence farmers.

    The Karen people live in deplorable conditions but the Thai government has built a few schools in the area which are run by the military. The children do not pay fees, they receive uniforms and supplies free of charge and are fed a hot, nutritious lunch on school days.

    The school has a large garden that supplies all the vegetables and fruit for the students. They also raise chickens for the school and to sell to the community.

    They also have a small clinic at the school and one of the army staff has been trained as a medic. Patacore has been trucking in water for three hours a day because of a broken water pump. Kind Gestures has provided the school with a new water pump and a technician to put the pump in place.