Mercy House

    Mercy House is an orphanage that provides care for children with and without special needs from the age of 6 until they complete high school or have the skills to enable them to seek employment.

    Mercy House provides for 24 children at present and each child is expected to learn to care for themselves and their possessions as well as share together in work and play. The children are also encouraged to give assistance to the community. All the children attend school with 5 of them presently at college level. Many of the children in care are from the Burmese Karen tribe and special emphasis is placed on cultural learning.

    Mercy House opened a workshop on their site in 2006 which teaches a variety of skills to help further the children’s career potential. Kind Gestures and Chiva Som joined hands this year to make a sizeable donation to Mercy House. The money will be used for facility improvements.