Manar Al Iman School

    Manar Al Iman is a charity school in Ajman that relies fully on charitable sources for all its funding requirements.

    The school was started in a mosque in 1994 with the purpose of teaching orphaned and underprivileged kids how to read the Holy Quran. Soon the number of students rose dramatically and by 1992, it moved to new premises and officially became a school. It soon grew into four schools for 2,190 boys and girls providing primary and secondary education.

    Apart from free studies the school authorities also provide free books, breakfast, health insurance and sponsorships to higher education institutions. It provides an education for the forgotten children of the UAE - the Bedouin and Arab expats who cannot afford to pay even the minimal fees for a government education.

    This is where futures are made and this is where the budding talents of tomorrow are shaped and strengthened. Of course, Kind Gestures stands shoulder to shoulder in providing support and encouragement to the students and the authorities by way of monetary contributions.