Malleswaram Shishu Vihar

    The school was started by an eminent educationist Smt. B K Thirumalamma in 1953 with the intention of providing quality education to the children of financially under privileged parents.

    Classes are offered from pre-primary to the tenth standard in the English medium. Apart from studying, the children take part in extracurricular activities like sports, inter-class and inter-school competitions, debates, etc and have obtained many awards.

    The school has received recognition for its good work by the Government Education Department. They use various teaching aids, models etc, as well as an audio-visual class-room which makes learning more interesting and easier. In addition, they are taught computer skills.

    Most of the old students of the school are now well established in good positions in various parts of the world, having received needed qualifications. Much of the equipment, including the furniture, computers etc, that are currently in use have been donated by the old students, who also sponsor distribution of sweets on festival days. A mid-day meal is provided to the children sponsored by Sri Sai Mandali, again organized by one of the old students. This speaks for itself about the rapport between the teachers and the students.

    Currently the school is in need of financial assistance as the parents are unable to pay even the low amount charged. As a result the school strength is gradually lessening by the year. In order to attract more children, they are contemplating introducing transport facilities to allow children to get to school avoiding traffic and crossing roads. Also required are laboratory and library facilities for the children, which are considered essential for their further development.

    Kind Gestures is helping such schools make a huge difference within their communities.