The Life Institute for Girls

    Run in conjunction with the Malekkhanu and Sherali Visram Memorial Trust, based in Ontario, Canada and Binghamton, New York, (MSFV Foundation – registered both in Canada and USA), the LIFE Institute for Girls in Pune took on the responsibility for those children whose parents were unable to educate them or take good care of them due to personal and economic conditions.

    The MSFV Foundation (the ‘Trust’) is a public charitable trust registered under Mumbai Public Trust act under serial No. 21443, which has as its objective the advancement and promotion of education, welfare and upkeep of the children financially. The Foundation’s underlying motivation and spiritual strength is derived from the life of Sherali Fazal Visram who exemplified that the greatest of all human achievements are found in the simple yet all powerful acts of common men and women who lead their lives with grace, wisdom and a spiritual and emotional commitment to human compassion.

    The hostel officially started its day to day functions on the 11th of July 2001 after welcoming the girls and getting them settled in. The main objective at that time was to provide a comfortable living space, with proper beds, study tables, clean and hygienic bathrooms and toilets, bed sheets, toiletries etc. The common areas provide tables, chairs etc which the girls use for studying for daily homework, tests and exams at school. Today after a number of years and with the assistance of our donors, we have a prayer hall, library, dinner room, computer lab, playgrounds etc.

    The Life Institute also ensures that fresh and healthy food is provided to the girls residing at the hostel on an ongoing basis. Efforts are also made to provide packed food for all the girls to carry to school for their lunch and periodically the children are taken out for dining depending on funding.

    With the help of the local Trustees and devoted honorary workers, admission was secured for the children in English language convent schools such as Stella Maries School, St. Francis School, St. Arnold School, St. Joseph School, Holy Angels School, Christ College, Don Bosco Junior College etc. At school, emphasis is also given to extracurricular activities like karate, singing, dancing, music, art etc. The girls are provided transportation to and from school and for all activities related to their educational trips and curricular activities.

    Currently, there are 104 girls between the ages of 6-16 years old residing at the Institute and attending the different local schools.

    In India, girls are usually not given quality education in the remote and poor villages. By providing long term support to such projects, Kind Gestures can support girls’ education, welfare and activities, thus allowing for them to provide a wider scope of service to humanity especially similarly situated girls in need of such help.