Humane Touch

    “To Make Every Human Being Self-Sufficient and Capable of Earning a Living”.

    This mission statement encapsulates the ideals behind Humane Touch, a secular NGO working in Bangalore since 1999. It started with a group of young women, determined to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Initially, they began by working with those affected by polio, sponsoring callipers and surgeries, but soon widened their reach.

    Activities are undertaken in response to the needs of the community – Primary Education, Vocational Training for Girls, Scholarships for Higher Education, Adult Education, Medical Camps, Mass Weddings and Distribution of food/clothing during Ramadan.

    Humane Touch aims at providing Education to every child who is in need. Every year hundreds of enthusiastic children are provided with scholarships in order to continue their primary & high school education, allowing them to work towards their dreams. Students who are interested in higher studies are also benefited a great deal from the Scholarship Program.

    The Al-Azhar Foundation School was adopted in 2002, which had 60 students and 4 staff. Today there are close to 400 students studying from Nursery to class 7 with 20 staff members. We manage Dr Homaida Kazim Nursery School, in Mominpura which has 125 students. All students are provided with 2 sets of Uniforms every year.

    Future Plans include the starting up of a mid-day meal programme as it has been proven that children study better on a full stomach. Additionally, Humane Touch plans to set up a Residential Home for destitute girls and orphans and is fundraising for this purpose.

    Kind Gestures supports them in this endeavour, knowing that the future of an area lies in educating and feeding its children.