Fidai Orphanage


    Restoring And Sustaining Human Dignity

    Fate is not always kind to children. They often become victims of circumstances or natural calamities, loose one or both parents, or find themselves members of broken or poverty-stricken homes - in vice-infested surroundings or in remote areas with no educational facilities. Fidai Institutions is a non-profit organization that provides education to children living in poverty in Mumbai. For 73 years, Fidai has provided opportunities for children to get a good education and prepare to overcome their misfortunes so as to achieve a better future for themselves and their families.

    No matter how badly affected such children are, society must see that they are not allowed to live in squalor and in a state of despondency. They must be provided every opportunity to survive with dignity, get a good education and prepare to overcome their misfortunes so as to achieve a better future for themselves and their families. The purpose of Fidai Institutions is enabling children to recover and maintain their dignity as befitting their status as God's greatest creation.

    In the emerging world of meritocracy the best guarantees for their success are knowledge, competence and a deep sense of values that will guide them for the rest of their life. The message given to the Fidai students is that the trauma they have suffered should become a spur for motivation to think, to work intelligently and courageously and to commit to improving their future.

    While much has been done, much more remains to be done. Efforts are on to bring in more educated and experienced professionals on the staff and arrange for their further training to meet the specific need of the Institutions. At the same time, voluntary assistance is sought from professionals in specialized fields.

    A Caring Environment

    Fidai, like a big family, provides all the basic amenities to create a comfortable secure and disciplined environment for growing children.

    There is abundance of natural greenery in and around the campuses at Andheri and Panchgani. The campuses provide clean, well-ventilated and lighted dormitories, dining rooms and study rooms. Works of emerging painters are displayed in living areas of the children. The Fidai grounds offer excellent opportunities for a wide range of sporting and cultural activities. Equipment and training facilities are provided for indoor and outdoor games. There is a full-fledged laundry at the campus at Andheri and garment washing machines at Panchgani, to ensure that the children are always wearing clean clothes.

    Qualified dieticians prepare a balanced weekly menu with high nutritional value, keeping in mind the needs of growing children. Food is prepared in hygienic, well-designed kitchens. Fruits and milk are served every day. "Special Meals" are provided at least once a week.

    Children are encouraged to be regular in the practice of faith. Picnics and excursions are organized occasionally to help students see the outside world and to appreciate the beauties and bounties of nature. Newspapers, periodical magazines and television viewing are made available to keep the children abreast of happenings in the world.

    Every child at Fidai is treated as a self-respecting individual and expected to act with integrity, responsibility and concern for other children and towards the Institution. Peace, harmony and warm affection amongst students are encouraged. Efforts are made for the children to preserve links with their families. Parents are encouraged to visit their children on designated weekends. Most children spend their vacations and happy and sad occasions with their families.