Family Care Lebanon

    Family Care Lebanon is a non-profit humanitarian association based in Beirut, Lebanon. It conducts programs throughout the country with the goal of helping anyone in need regardless of background, colour or creed. It has been active in Lebanon for over 10 years, working side-by-side with other dedicated professionals from educational and service-oriented institutions.

    Over the past 10 years, Family Care Lebanon’s projects have been:

    • Supporting “Club Al Mahabba” for girls in the poor, inner-city neighbourhood of Nabaa for seven years.
    • Bringing comfort, hope and a personal touch to children in hospitals.
    • Providing essential food and clothing for needy families in peace and war time.
    • Holding motivational seminars and workshops for youth on the theme of social work in the community.
    • Providing high quality animation, professional face painting, balloon sculpting and recreational activities for underprivileged children.
    • Holding special activities for underprivileged children and families at Christmas and Ramadan.
    • Distributing of educational books and audio/visual programs for children focusing on character building and moral development.
    • Having a professional performing team that conducts shows for children bringing out educational and social messages such as care for the environment, teamwork, cleanliness and health-awareness, etc. These are conducted in schools and institutions in all areas of the country and with all communities. The cheerful nature of the shows and the warm interaction of the volunteers make for a motivating and uplifting experience for the children, wherever they perform.