Dubai Center for Special Needs


    The Dubai Center for Special Needs is an established, non-profitable institution that provides the highest standards of service in specialized education and therapy for children with various disabilities. It is a caring environment, largely dependent on the generosity of the local communities and corporations. Its aim is to provide each and every one of its students the key to a positive life, thereby "Lighting the path to a brighter future".

    The Centre works to give students, aged between 3 and 27 years, the best quality of life of which they are able physically, emotionally, socially and academically.

    For those children that are capable, prevocational training is provided, taking them to various organizations within Dubai for work experience with a view to helping them gain employment within the community and to take their rightful place in this world.

    It is the training that the older children receive that makes the Dubai Center for Special Needs shine amongst its peers.

    In the society from which many of the children come, the girls are still expected to help run the parental home, or even a marital home. To assist them in such a task, they are taught the skills required – how to use household equipment, the basics of household management, etc., to allow them to participate as much as possible in the home.