Concern for Children


    Our Mission

    To Design, implement and replicate models for sustainable development for children within at-risk populations based on intensive needs assessment.

    CFC is a children’s advocacy group that initially focused on preventive and primary health care, health education and health awareness.

    Recognising the lack of resources within the social services sector in Pakistan, CFC strives to carry out each project in partnership with other organizations. Successful pilot projects then serve as models for replication, in an effort to meet goals and build models for sustainable development for social problems concerning children within at-risk populations.

    CFC began its advocacy practices in December 2007 with the Sustainable Community Driven Development Pilot Project in Mohammadi Colony, also known locally as “Machar” Colony, partly a reference to the high number of mosquitoes found in the area.

    As the settlement is an illegal one, the area is not served by water, sanitation, education or healthcare.

    There is an 80% illiteracy rate in the community, with a majority of these numbers being women and girls. Less than ten percent of the community’s children attend school, as they are encouraged by their families to seek employment – usually within the shrimp peeling industry.

    CFC has established a Mother Child Health Clinic, a Mobile Healthcare Programme providing free medical services to students in designated schools in the area, TB intervention programs and quarterly healthcare camps.

    Another initiative was focused on empowering local Para-medical clinics by providing them with basic medical training, supervision and eventual provision of medical equipment, medication and support staff.