Assist a Child to School (ACTS)


    Primary education is compulsory in Kenya and government schools are supposed to be free. But, the education system is hopelessly overstretched: there are not enough places, there is a shortage of teachers and for most it is too expensive, even in “slum schools” where children sit on the floor in mud huts. Each week, ACTS is approached by at least 10 parents who are too poor to educate their children.

    ACTS works to find sponsors for the children. Equipped with an education, children gain confidence and self-esteem, as well as knowledge, helping them to be more employable and enterprising. They dream that one day they will be able to earn a living so that their families will have access to things that we take for granted, live food, access to safe water and medical care.

    Originally the charity focused on gaining individual sponsorship for primary pupils but it has grown considerably over the last few years.

    They now support secondary and third level pupils through their education as well as running a Schools Support Program which aims to set up libraries, provide desks, text books, and other valuable resources for local schools.

    Kind Gestures 2010 donation was used for the porridge/lunch programme for primary school children.

    As Zenny Hirji, Kind Gestures Chairperson said on her visit to the school: "We will have happy children with full stomachs – the best way to ensure learning!”