Children’s Home

    It started when a couple of local ladies found an 18 month old baby wrapped up in plastic and shallow buried. They rescued her and named her Mercy.

    This then took on a life of its own and since then, about 24 abandoned children of varying ages live in a completely run down abandoned house which the ladies use as a home. When our Kind Gestures committee member first saw the home it was totally bare with peeling walls and small rooms.

    These doubled up as teaching rooms in the day and then at night thin and worn out pieces of sponges were simply laid out as bedding.

    There was no water and or electricity connection and no support until our committee member discovered them and ensured monthly supplies of food and basic provisions.

    The first Kind Gestures donation was used to supply clothing, basic hygiene products for the girls and new mattresses.

    The next step is to try and establish a water and electricity supply. Also required are blankets and warm clothes, shoes and some basic teaching aids for the older children and toys for the younger ones.