CEENA Health & Welfare Services

    CEENA was formed with a mandate to provide pragmatic solutions to the emerging issues in the community that were being overlooked. In this way, CEENA became a voice for the voiceless and unheard.

    The Northern Areas of Pakistan is a beautiful, but very poor area. Its harsh climate, isolated areas and lack of communication facilities provide many challenges to the people who live there.

    CEENA is an issue-based organization, identifying what needs to be done at what time and responding to those needs. Amongst its key achievements are:

    • Establishment of a blood bank, which has saved lives and raised awareness about blood donations.
    • Provision of medical relief services to the poorest patients coming from far-flung villages.
    • Purchase of life-saving drugs for needy patients.
    • Organizing health awareness programmes.
    • Supporting needy children kept out of school due to parents’ inability to pay the school fees.
    • The establishment of an Empowerment Centre where talented students from across the Northern Areas are housed and looked after during their studies.

    It also provides a refuge to abandoned and orphaned babies and children until they are adopted. Adoption is usually from other parts of the world in families that have the means to provide a comfortable life for these children.