Building Blocks

    Millions of children in India lack the chance to receive a basic education. Families rely on child labour to make ends meet and so education is not a priority, especially as it can be too costly.

    Building Blocks aims to provide slum children with good quality education in a safe, secure and stimulating environment, so empowering them for a brighter future filled with opportunities. Through a number of Learning Centres, children aged 31/2 to 6 years old are taught sight reading, simple arithmetic, writing and motor skills development. Great importance is placed on all round emotional, physical, cognitive and social development, with the children not only being taught activities such as drama, art and singing, but also life-skills such as cleanliness and good manners.

    The children attending are all given the following, free of cost:

    • A nutritional breakfast, lunch and snacks each school day.
    • All required school materials.
    • Uniforms, shoes, stationery items and school supplies.

    Additionally, Building Blocks arranges for free medical check-ups, excursions and birthday parties for each child.

    Children graduating from Building Blocks are helped to gain admission into good English Medium schools, with sponsorship where possible.