Ban Pamark Border Patrol Police School

    In 2013 we joined with the Hua Hin community to provide school supplies, food, medicines and sports equipment to Ban Pamark Border Patrol Police School before rainy season. With this year's long and intense rainy period the efforts were needed more than ever as the community was completely cut off by swollen rivers for almost three months.

    During the summer and autumn, the Hua Hin community raised funds for a water system that was installed in the village school in November and we proudly contributed to the cause. This will provide water for consumption plus proper sanitation for the 179 children that attend the school.

    An irrigation system was also installed to ensure the school garden can survive dry season. This garden and chicken project provide food for the children's lunch program. If you come to school lunch is served free of charge each day. A great incentive for a poor community.