Bala Mano Vikasa Kendra

    “Join hands with us to make the mentally challenged child a self reliant, well-adjusted and dignified member of society”.

    This is the ethos behind this wonderful school in Bangalore, India, started in 1972. Through Kind Gestures continued support, this school for mentally challenged children has been able to install equipment for vocational training and further upgrade its on-site facility. The contribution also went towards uniforms and free mid-day meals for all children.

    The school admits mentally challenged children between the ages of four and twenty for special education. Experienced, trained and patient teachers, therapists and specialists, along with parents draw up a plan for special education with short and long-term realistic targets for making the child self-reliant.

    Training is consistently and patiently given in self-care skills, like eating, sitting, walking and speech therapy, along with enhancement of motor and cognitive skills. The child is encouraged to take part in sports, music, drama, painting, drawing and handicrafts, including weaving, knitting, tailoring, basket making and paper work. All this helps each child to eventually – to the best of his/her ability – become a self-reliant and well-adjusted member of society.

    Our School Facilities

    • No fees are levied for the education and books, uniforms and a mid-day meal are also provided free.
    • Periodic health check-ups are carried out and medicines given at no charge.
    • Educational excursions are arranged.
    • Language and speech therapy provided by specialists.
    • Vocational training is given to the older children.

    Many of the children who have passed through the school are now employed in sheltered workshops, factories, news agencies and industrial units, with some employed in fields in which they gained vocational proficiency in school.

    Our Achievements

    • The school has been awarded the Suvarna Vidya Kendra award, with three children receiving the Balashri Shree Ratna award.
    • One of the students, Indumati, represented India in the Special Olympics meet at Minneapolis, USA and won a gold medal. She earns a living doing tailoring jobs in school and at home.
    • Students represented India in the Asia Pacific cricket tournament and won gold medals.
    • Sreenivas, afflicted with Down’s Syndrome, donated a month’s salary to the school as did another graduate of the school.

    Our Future Plans

    • To gear up the infrastructure to meet the increasing demand for admissions up to a total of 100 children.
    • The setting up of a vocational training unit.
    • To recruit additional staff and specialists like a vocational instructor, sports teacher, occupational therapist, craft teacher and a full-time speech therapist.
    • To provide funds for terminal benefits to retiring teachers and staff who have served the children through the school.