African Education Society Inc. (AES)


    The African Education Society Inc. (AES) was established to support learning and life skills education of street Children in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania that will allow them to engage in economic activities and build healthy and productive lives for themselves.

    The priority is to establish a life-skills education centre by the year 2010; however, following a visit to the project in July 2008, the AES saw the urgent need to build a dormitory for the girl-mothers (young girls with babies) as soon as possible.

    Vision: For street children to participate effectively in the Tanzanian community through access to education, health awareness and sustainable work opportunities.

    Mission: To provide financial assistance to develop programs for the street children of Dar-es-Salaam to enable them to have right choices, skills and opportunities to make a better life for themselves.

    Programs: Cultural dance group - Ubuntu Edutainment Dance Group has already been established. The dance group and the life skills education and training give the street children self-esteem, hope and opportunity to participate in a legitimate economic activity.

    Street health: particularly HIV/AIDS awareness programs

    Educational skills: (formal and informal training) to assist in obtaining productive work